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"Yukiko san and I met in a moment in my life when I was going through a lot of difficult emotions. Before her, I tried other therapists but they all seemed to very passively listen without any interest or input on my ideas. Almost as if they were doing something else while I talked to them.  My experience with Yukiko san was very different, she was attentive, interested and listened carefully without judgement or criticism. 

The process of coming out of my difficult situation was made much easier with her help and counseling. She is knowledgeable and caring. 

Another good thing about having her as a therapist is that she is very accommodating with scheduling and with having sessions online.

Overall I am glad that Yukiko san was my therapist and I still recommend her when my friends are interested in therapy.


Thank you very much, Yukiko san!" ​ 

ーMale in his 30's

Yukiko Kosins is an outstanding therapist. Yukiko Kosins’ sessions are comforting, thorough, and engaging to say the least. Yukiko cares about the individual needs and wants of her clients, and always ensures that the safety of her clients is ever present and understood.
Most clients, for numerous reasons, may have extreme difficulty with many emotions and issues. Yukiko is able to help clients embrace and release pain.

​ーMale in his 30's

I highly, highly recommend Yukiko Kosins! We used her during the time it was difficult w/the school transition for my daughter and the school counselor did not suit my child's needs (the woman was good but lacked knowledge about Japanese background/culture/mentality). My daughter feels more comfortable speaking in Japanese about her feelings.

Yukiko-san is fully bilingual (Japanese) and has lived in the States for a few years, here and there. She truly understands both cultures perfectly. She is also a parent herself and can truly relate to parents’ experiences.

The first session w/her is for free and 30-minutes long. If you would like your child to get a session, the parent should also have a 30-minute initial meeting (for a total of 60 minutes). We really liked her and had a few sessions. (Exceptionally priced - she is 5000yen/hr and you pay via bank after a few sessions).

She does not give any pressure to meet her regularly (online via Zoom) and was kind enough to tell me that my daughter seemed well-adjusted after her school transition trauma and could have sessions only if she asked for more. Some counselors can be pushy and try to persuade you to come to more sessions and I just hate that!

I am mixed as to whether to share her info or not, ha ha! If she becomes too popular, she will be harder to book. She was our lifesaver and really helped us adjust to various big life changes so I hope she can do the same for some of you! If you have any doubts, just meet her and see for yourself w/a free session. You'll know what I mean when you meet her in-person or on Zoom.

I just think such a person would be extremely valuable! She struck me as so genuine and truly there to help enrich people's lives. She is very intuitive which is great if your child is a more sensitive one. I hope she can help some of you in need but cannot afford to pay too much for sessions (Counselors I looked into were, on average, around 10-20,000yen).

Female in her 40's

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