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I would like us to get to know each other first so my initial session of about 30 min. is free.

 Please contact me to book your free initial session.







I believe in the client-centered therapy.  

I listen to the client's feelings, thoughts, values and personal history without judgment while the client processes her/his own experiences and feelings, which leads to new awareness, healing and change in the client.

It is like going on a spiritual journey with the client.

I also use hypnotherapy, emotion-focused therapy and other methods when I feel it will be helpful for the client.  

It is important that the process will be at the client's own pace.




Many of us suffer from our childhood memories, how we were treated by our parents/family, recurring memories, relationship issues or just feeling empty and down.  

You have made the first step by visiting this site to seek for a more fulfilled life.

I would love to meet you and listen to you.​​

You can contact me by Contact Form or by email

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